Moving: I’m Migrating to Medium

Long time no see! As the title implies, I’m moving this blog to a new platform, specifically, I’m moving this site to Medium. Medium, to the uninitiated, is a blogging platform that focuses solely on writing and, ” is an example of social journalism, having a hybrid collection of amateur and professional people and publications, or exclusive blogs or publishers on Medium[4] and is regularly regarded as a blog host [source].

So why move now?

Speckled Egg Co.  was born out of my desire to explore my love of cooking. I still love to cook, and intend on writing about food much like I do now (albeit I haven’t posted in a while…), but I ran into a bit of an issue when it came down to defining my site and what I wanted to put out there. I love food, not only the preparation of it, but also the adventure of going to a new place I’ve never been and writing about what I loved and hated the experience of it all.

More than anything, I’m somewhat of a generalist naturally, and so I found it difficult to resolve the desire to write about other things, such as interesting topics in my field of study (I mean how related is computational biology to recipes?), or about music. Simply put, I like a lot of things, and I don’t find it practical to manage a separate blog for every topic I’m interested in. I choose Medium as my platform for several reasons:

1.) The integration with other social Medium platform is amazing.

I know that WordPress is well integrated, but Medium being heavily integrated with twitter was so much more appealing in the ease of which you can post between different social media platforms.

2.) The experience or aesthetics of Medium are more in line with my philosophy of minimalism. I like clean lines, perhaps a little OCD at times, and Medium gives me that without forcing me to pay for themes.

3.) Lastly, productivity and practicality. I want to write about topics that encompass food, my life experiences as a whole. Having a site devoted to just one perspective of my life seems incomplete. With Medium I can do it all outside of the box I set up for myself here on WordPress.

So in conclusion, my new site will be on Medium. You can follow me here if you’re already on that platform or subscribe to my RSS feed to get updates via email.

Thanks, and have a good one!



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