Hi there! My name is Shel and welcome to Speckled Egg Co.!

This blog is a culmination of various cooking adventures, be it baking or general food prep, from the perspective of a full time grad student. A little about myself, I am a phD attending UNC at Charlotte in Charlotte, NC and I study Bioinformatics (compsci + biology). I have a cat named Loki that I believe is the spawn satan, and a bette half named David.

In terms of cooking, I’m totally not a classically trained chef, but food and cooking has always been a passion of mine and so from that, and as a way to keep myself sane because grad school is intense,  I decided to I start this blog in the beginning of 2017. I believe food has a personality and cultural significance of its own and I so try my best to bring that to every blog post. Thanks for reading, and I hope you follow me on this journey! Have a good one!